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Benefits of Using Bong Ash Catcher

Whether you smoke marijuana recreationally or treat a health problem, your experience will be complete if you have good smoking equipment. Although you can always make joints, using a bong is a whole new level of weed experience. Plus, there are some other benefits of this device.

For starters, bongs are a smoking staple among weed users, allowing them to use cannabis with minimal side effects, primary thanks to water filtration. That and the very construction of this device trap harmful combustion by-products, so your lungs won’t suffer while you smoke. Also, bongs trap smells, allowing you to enjoy weed more discreetly.

You already understand that bongs are great, but you’ll be amazed to find out that you can upgrade them with different add-ons and skyrocket your pleasure in smoking cannabis. Each of these accessories has its purpose, and one of those that you can find on https://thefreezepipe.com/pages/ash-catcher that’ll make rigs tastier than ever is an ash catcher.

Filthy Bong Is Not Cool

The principle of bong operation is simple. It uses water as a filter, i.e., the smoke produced by burning cannabis buds passes through the water and thus reaches your airways in a purified state. You feel how light every vape is, and the rigs have a smooth and cool taste.

Like any filter, water gets dirty after a while. To prevent this from happening, you must change the water after every use but also clean the water pipe from time to time. That’s not really a dream job, and many people avoid it, which eventually leads to their bongs getting so dirty that the taste of their hits is completely different. Also, percolators get clogged, which makes inhaling torture.

An ash catcher solves these problems in no time. After every hit, the ash from burnt weed gets into the ash catcher, thus leaving the water clean. Of course, that doesn’t mean you’ll be spared from washing your bong from time to time. This handy add-on just extends the time between cleans, leaving you more time to enjoy clean, smooth rigs.

However, an ash catcher isn’t always necessary. For example, if you have a small, travel-sized bong, installing this add-on will weigh it down, so you couldn’t carry it around with ease. Besides, washing the small water pipe will only take two to three minutes after each use (check this page for cleaning instructions), thus preventing the accumulation of dirt and tar in your device.

Still, an ash catcher is an absolute must for medium and large water pipes, especially if they don’t feature built-in percolators and diffusers. Not only your smoking session will be amazing, but it’ll be much easier to wash an ash catcher than an entire bong.

Even Cleaner Smoke

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After you light the dried weed in the bowl, the smoke passes through several chambers that refine and cool it. It goes through a glass pipe all the way to the mouthpiece where you inhale it. Without those chambers, all the harmful combustion and tar would remain in the smoke, depositing in your airways and causing irritation and coughing.

Adding an ash catcher to your bong adds another level of filtration. Thus, your rigs become even cleaner and easier on your airways. Plus, if you opt for an ash catcher with an additional percolator, not only will you get an extra level of filtration, but your smoke will be extra diffused by passing through this part. That way, it becomes even lighter and tastier.

How to Choose an Ash Catcher

There’s a range of bong accessories on the market. Some of them are a mere trend, while others, like an ash catcher, are actually very useful. Primarily, they benefit your throat and lungs because they filter the smoke very well. Also, they will keep your bong clean for a long time.

Regarding models, ash catchers come in several sizes and angles, with or without a percolator. If they have this filtration piece installed, it can be of different shapes, which enables different degrees of diffusion, and thus different smoking experiences.

To begin with, you need to know the size of your water pipe and at what angle a joint fits into it. Also, check whether this insert is male or female (a male bong needs a female insert and vice versa). Finally, if you plan to get an ash catcher with a percolator, decide which model meets your smoking preferences.

The size of the ash catcher should match the diameter of your water pipe. Even if you miss the size, you can buy handy adapters to help you connect these two pieces with ease. Also, adapters are useful if the bong joints and an ash catcher don’t match. As said, you should take female add-ons if your bong is a dude, but if that’s not possible, adapters will solve that problem, too.

Percolator Choice

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Grabbing an ash catcher with a built-in percolator is a must if your bong doesn’t already have one of these filtration systems. You can choose between a variety of models – inline, honeycomb, tree, showerhead, or the one popularly named matrix, each with its pros and cons.

For instance, an inline perc is a long stem that gets all the way through the water chamber. Thanks to its holes and side slits, this perc provides excellent diffusion. That makes it the best choice if you strive to light and ”healthy” smoking.

See the following link to learn why percolators are crucial for your weed experience:


On the other hand, a honeycomb percolator in the ash catcher provides excellent filtration due to two or three layers and so many holes in them. But when it comes to diffusion, it makes so many bubbles that the smoke resembles foam, making it a bit heavier to inhale.

A clean bong is a prerequisite to enjoy every rig. Adding a handy ash catcher add-on to your water pipe is an excellent way to cut the need for cleaning and enjoy even lighter and cooler smoke every time.