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Blood relation – Important tips to score more

Blood relation is one of the crucial topics that you should pay attention to in the bank exam preparations. From SBI PO to IBPS and RBI, this is one important concept you should learn precisely. 

Every year, candidates expect a decent number of questions in prelims and main exams. You should have a precise understanding of the family relationship and develop a logical approach to answer these kinds of questions.

You can check the previous years’ question papers of government exams to know the most asked questions. You can also download blood relation questions pdf format available on many websites, and you will find some popular questions with their solution. This article helps you to get a precise understanding of blood relation questions and how you can approach them.

Blood relation questions – Overview

There’s always been a slight change in how blood relation questions are asked in competitive exams. It is because they were asked to evaluate the logical thinking of individuals. 

The questions were simple in the beginning, but the complexity of the questions increased due to the competition among the students appearing for Government competitive exams. Check out the blood relation questions pdf to practice problems often repeated in the exams.

When it comes to dialogue or conversation-based questions, an individual explains their relationship with another individual. The puzzle-based queries in competitive exams are quite famous, and they incorporate trivial detail about several individuals associated with each other. 

Finally, you may decipher the relationship between two individuals. The question will have symbols in place of the relationship name, which is one of the standard methods in competitive exams lately.

Things you should keep in mind while solving blood relation questions

It is better to avoid assuming the individual’s gender with their name, as some gender-neutral names can lead to confusion. You will not understand the question if you consider a man a woman just by their name. 

Moreover, in questions that contain information like, “Suman is the son of X”, you can’t determine X’s gender unless it is specified. Some complex questions may provide various information about the same person, like, “Shreya is the sister of X, and she is also the mother of Y”. In such questions, you have more details about the particular person and should provide some extra time to understand the question.  

Learn to draw a family tree

It will help every aspirant trying to solve the blood relation questions in the competitive exams. When you are writing about the female members of the family, make sure to use the circle. Use the square to represent the male family members.

You use the double-headed arrow to specify the relationship between two individuals. In the family tree order, you should always select the upper generation at the top, followed by the subsequent generation. 

For instance, the grandparents and grandmothers come at the top, followed by the father, mother, aunt, uncle and more. Consequently, you can specify relationships like a sister, brother, wife, husband and more. Ensure that all the specified information in the question is represented correctly in the family tree.

Practice well

 If you are getting ready for the competitive exams, you should pay attention to the questions based on blood relations. You must utilize the previous question papers to solve the queries based on the same category. You will be able to find the answer by solving the problems slowly and also ensure that you practice consistently. It will improve your speed and help you understand the question in no time.