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Social Listening Tools

Social listening is a way of monitoring and listening to conversations about your brand, product, or services. It’s an opportunity to see what people are saying about you, take action if necessary, and prepare your content schedule accordingly. 

This blog post will look at social listening tools to help you monitor conversations about your company, brand, or products. You may already be aware of tools such as NetbaseQuid and Social Mention that alert you when your brand is mentioned online. However, these are just two examples of the many helpful social listening tools available for brands today. Read on to learn more about some of the best social listening tools available and how they can benefit your business.

The Benefit Of Social Listening Tools

1. Design Targeted Campaigns

Social listening tools can be used to build a targeted campaign that reaches the right people at the right time. Some social media tools allow you to create custom campaigns, while others allow you to target searches on specific keywords and phrases.

2. Track Brand Awareness And Reputation

Brand tracking tools are a great way to monitor brand awareness and reputation online. These tools help you collect data about your brand and track its performance. It also includes managing your social media presence, monitoring industry trends, and gathering customer and stakeholder feedback.

3. Market Trend

The market trend is a social media monitoring tool that provides real-time access to top story rankings across the Internet. It allows you to search and view trending topics, hashtags, and keywords driving discussion on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.

You can search for topics or keywords to discover what people say about your brand or company. Market Trend also allows you to create a social media presence by sharing your content.

Top Social Listening Tools Are Transforming Marketing:

1. NetbaseQuid

NetbaseQuid is a search engine that allows you to monitor conversations about your brand, industry, or products. It can also be used to find the top 10 most important terms related to your company, brand, or product. NetbaseQuid can be used to find all of these conversations at once or on an ongoing basis.

Using NetbaseQuid effectively, it’s best to prepare for the hunt by building out a list of keywords you want to monitor to find conversations about your business. It’s also helpful when you have a blog or website where people can comment and share their thoughts about your brand and products. You can then use NetbaseQuid to monitor these conversations and take action if necessary.

2. Social Mention

Social Mention is a social listening tool that helps you monitor and track conversations about your brand or product. You can access it from the official website by clicking on the “Social Mention” button.

Once on the Social Mention website, you can select a range of search criteria such as brand, keyword, product name, and location. You can then choose to receive notifications when your chosen search criteria are mentioned in the comments section of blogs, forums, and social networking sites (like Facebook).

You can also view a list of all mentions of your brand or product in real-time. You will also receive alerts if any new mentions are made about a particular topic. Social Mention also offers an archive feature that allows you to view older comments and responses. This is useful if you’re interested in tracking comments made over time. For example, if you’re improving customer service, you should track comments from previous customers who had experience.