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Top 5 Open Source LMS System

As you all know, ERP and LMS are special software, that comprises several applications, that assist in handling various types of business processes for a particular organization. It is generally found in business organizations, and in the educational sector, it is said to be used the most. This software is primarily designed to integrate the business systems effectively, simultaneously streaming the process to increase proficiency as well as productivity.

You can access any of the LMS portals. However, investing in such software isn’t much cheap, but you will find it worthwhile indeed if used correctly. In this regard, many questions about open source ERP software, what it is, and how it benefits us. Well, this tool is primarily the same as the normal ERP software but has greater control and choice of freedom, including features, and options, and the cost is also a bit higher.

Now you might be thinking that open-source ERPs are more beneficial, how about you have one? Well, affording an open source ERP software is likely to get you greater benefits, but at the same time, its proper implementation is necessary. Check out the top 5 of these tools in the below sections.


The first open-source LMS software to pop to mind is Odoo. It comes among the most well-known as well as widely popular ERP/LMS systems. Oddo primarily administers an integrated suite of applications that features several modules for accounting, manufacturing, project management, finance, inventory management, billing, and many more things. Most of the customers use this ERP software, as the tool was developed keeping in view of simplicity and easy configuration. However, despite the fact it is easy to use, it is likely to get you the most effective results.


Another popular open-source ERP software to use for your business is Metafresh. Indeed that name fits perfectly with the tool, as its prime work belongs in keeping the code ‘fresh’. This software provides one of the most powerful ERP packages among all which is highly interactive as well as intuitive. It is specially designed for small and medium businesses, which can help organizations keep up with their business needs and it is compatible with the most used operating systems like Windows, iOS, Linux, Android, etc. Moreover, this is also available in several programming languages like XML, Java, SQL, JavaScript, etc.

Apache OFBiz

When it comes to choosing open-source ERP software, Apache OFBiz is another great option to go for. It is primarily developed on a common architecture, making it easily customizable as per needs and requirements. For medium to large businesses, the use of this software is mainly done. 

Apache OFBiz consists of various functionalities that include supporting internal development resources, eventually making the business, and integrating with existing infrastructure along with various business processes with ease. Various websites state that OFBiz has been the top-performing website for over a decade for Apache.


One of the most well-established open-source ERP software to use is ADempiere. ADempiere is primarily an Italian word that is that signifies “achieve” or “satisfy”. The meaning solely represents the essence of the software to the users. You can find the system coming with supply chain management along with customer relationship management systems, which makes it users much easier to handle several business functionalities, like sales, accounting, purchase, inventory management, etc. Like Apache OFBiz, it is also an expert in working with all the major operating systems.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned tools are among the top open-source school LMS software, that you can use for your business needs, and eventually, work on your business growth and make it better. However, as mentioned several times, and experts will also recommend the same, using an open-source ERP software rather than a normal one, will make no difference if you won’t handle it properly. Make sure you use these tools efficiently, and then only you can achieve results.